Welcome Casey Jones as New Civil Engineering Professor

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Bryan College Vogel School of Engineering is excited to announce the hiring of Casey Jones to join us in the fall as Civil Engineering professor.

Mr. Jones is a PhD student at the University of Arkansas studying the effects of calcium oxychloride formation in cement paste and concrete. His graduate research focuses on investigating methods to mitigate calcium oxychloride formation in concrete pavements and is supported by the Oklahoma / Arkansas chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association. He completed his undergraduate and masters at the University of Arkansas. His master’s thesis topic focused on utilizing lightweight aggregate as an internal curing mechanism to reduce shrinkage in concrete bridge decks. Between his master’s program and his PhD, he worked for a geotechnical engineering firm in northwest Arkansas focusing on construction and building materials testing. He earned his PE license while working and has continued to develop an interest in concrete materials research. He plans to focus on concrete materials research and teaching following the completion of his PhD.

Casey Jones