Bryan College Introduces Theatre Intensive Camp: June 9-15



Theatre enthusiasts and aspiring performers, mark your calendars! The highly anticipated Theatre Intensive Camp is set to kick off from June 9th to June 15th, 2024, offering an exhilarating opportunity for high school students to delve deep into the world of theatre.
Designed for students passionate about theatrical arts, the week-long summer immersion program promises an enriching experience. Participants will be fully immersed in various aspects of theatrical production, including scenic building, costumes, props, lighting, and more. Beyond the creative exploration, the camp challenges students to integrate their faith into their artistic journey, fostering a holistic approach to their craft.
One of the most unique aspects of this intensive is the condensed timeline. In just one week, students will audition, cast, block, rehearse, polish, and perform a one-act production. This demands a commitment to dedicated individual work, line memorization, and a collaborative spirit essential for a successful production.
Safety is a top priority at Theatre Intensive Camp. The program ensures safety through various measures, including the use of name tags for easy identification, implementing the buddy system to prevent anyone from being alone, and maintaining strict guidelines for gender interactions and dormitory access. Additionally, staff members will be present at all times during activities, rehearsals, meals, and downtime.
Recognizing the importance of being present and engaged, the camp encourages students to keep their phones away during activities. Emphasizing professionalism and personal discipline, students are expected to be punctual for all rehearsals and activities.
The ethos of encouragement over discouragement prevails throughout the camp, emphasizing the power of positive words. Participants are encouraged to ask questions freely, fostering an environment of curiosity and open dialogue among students from diverse faith traditions.
The cost for the Theatre Intensive Camp is $330 per person, covering housing, meals, supplies, and group activities. Despite its comprehensive offerings, this cost stands as an incredible value compared to similar programs hosted by college campuses. While not offering college credit, this immersive experience provides invaluable artistic growth and prepares students for potential pursuits in theatre at the collegiate level.
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About Theatre Intensive Camp

The Theatre Intensive Camp is a week-long summer immersion program designed for high school students passionate about theatre. Through a condensed and intensive schedule, students engage in various aspects of theatrical production while integrating their faith into their artistic journey. The camp prioritizes safety, professionalism, encouragement, and curiosity, providing an invaluable experience for budding theatre enthusiasts.
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