Summer Institute End-of-the-Year Special

End of the Year Special

Summer Institute End of The Year Special

July 9-15, 2023

Our program is designed to equip students with biblical practices that can be adopted into the normal aspects of their lives at home and school; creating a foundation for long-term discipleship to Jesus.
Expand and deepen your understanding of a robust life with Christ by organizing your days around time-tested Christian practices.
Regular Cost: $795
End of the Year Special Cost: $695
Register TODAY for our End of the Year Special to lock in your spot for the fun!

Summer Institute 2023 Tracks

  • Creative Writing: Dr. Gleason
  • Criminal Justice: Ms. Tassi Dalton
  • Engineering: 3D Design: Dr. Knowles
  • Engineering: Electrical Systems: Dr. Kinser
  • Martial Arts: Mr. Holcomb
  • Nursing: Dr. Pam Giles
  • Photography: Mr. Todd Giles
  • Performing Arts: Mrs. Alexis Marsh
  • Education: Dr. Jennifer Williams

Limited spots are available for all tracks.


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