Academic & Leadership Scholarships





Scholarship Description

Academic & Leadership scholarships are available to first-time college students and determined by several factors, including 1) student test scores (ACT/SAT/CLT) or cumulative GPA from 9 or more college-level (DE – Dual Enrollment) credits earned prior to the date that enrollment begins 2) leadership and service participation and/or potential as determined through an interview process, and 3) acceptance and participation in the Honors Institute. Awards are renewable based on maintaining the academic standards listed below and published in the college catalog. Students may also subsequently earn merit-based scholarships by obtaining the cumulative Bryan College GPA required for retaining the award. Academic renewal standards are checked after the spring semester of each academic year.

First Time Freshmen

Test Score (ACT/SAT/CLT) OR Dual Enrollment GPAIn-State AmountOut-Of-State Amount
29/1330/95 OR 3.75up to $7,550up to $ 9,550
25/1200/83 OR 3.50up to $6,550up to $8,550
21/1060/67 OR 3.00up to $4,500up to $6,500
18/960/55 -up to $3,000up to $5,000