On The Hill – Podcast!

On the Hill
S2 E6: Engineering on the hill!
On today’s episode, we are excited to be speaking with our Engineering Faculty about the program’s inception and to hear about some exciting milestones and updates! We also had the opportunity to get a student perspective by chatting with a few of our current engineering majors about their experience in the department and what sets it apart from the rest!
A huge thank you to our guests! – Dr. Lyle Smith, Dr. Geoff Knowles, Dr. Reagan Kinser, Dr. Casey Jones, Chandler Hinson, and Raelynne Van Heukelem

Upcoming Engineering Events:

  • November 14th Balsa Bridge Competition at 3:30 pm Mercer 306
  • November 17th Trebuchet Competition at 9:30 am in the Triangle in front of Mercer
  • December 5th Junior Thermo presentations at 2 pm in Mercer 305