Music (B.A.)


Our Bachelor of Arts degree gives you broad instruction in Music and the freedom to create a broader field of study. The B.A. in Music allows students who have a desire to major in music and focus on another area the freedom to double major without the pressure of taking an overload. 

Benefits of this Path

Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Music is perfect if you’re looking for a general music degree, want more freedom with electives, or are seeking to combine it with a second major.

Possible Careers

  • Recording Artist
  • Concert Artist
  • Music Teacher
  • Accompanist
  • Music Therapist
  • Composer/Arranger
  • Choir Director
  • Sound Engineer
  • Songwriter
  • Arts Program Director
  • Music Minister
  • Studio Musician
  • Music Sales & Advertising
  • Media Manager
  • Music Producer

Program Faculty