Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2024

July 14-20, 2024

The Summer Institute is a week-long summer immersion program for high school students. During their week at the Summer Institute, students will be challenged in their walks with the Lord, experience college life, and earn college credit!

Our program is designed to equip students with biblical practices that can be adopted into the normal aspects of their lives at home and school; creating a foundation for long-term discipleship to Jesus.

Deeply Rooted Discipleship

At the Bryan College Summer Institute, we are committed to providing each student with a meaningful experience that will help each student develop a holistic view of discipleship and the habits needed to live a Christ-centered life.

Expand and deepen your understanding of a robust life with Christ by organizing your days around time-tested Christian practices.

Cultivate new friendships with like-minded students and camp leaders that will empower you to be the person God has called you to be.

Learn the key qualities and habits that will help you influence the world around you.

Program Practices

  • Learn & Practice
  • Silence & Solitude
  • Corporate Worship
  • Sabbath/Rest
  • Prayer

Small Groups

  • Led by a Counselor
  • Debrief Sessions
  • Meaningful Relationships with Other Students

Important Information

We Value Safety. Our highest priority is keeping your students safe. There are several ways we seek to prioritize safety: the use of nametags, the buddy system, and the presence of Summer Institute Staff. All individuals associated with the Summer Institute will wear name tags to indicate they are a part of this program. We also utilize the buddy system: no student should ever be alone. Students are not allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite gender. If guys and girls are together, there must always be 3+ students in the group. Furthermore, guys and girls are not allowed to be in the opposite gender’s dorm at any point in time. Finally, the Summer Institute prioritizes safety by having staff present at every activity, session, mealtime, and time in class.

We value Presence over Phones. We believe it is very important for students to be fully engaged and present throughout the week. Thus, students are allowed to have their phones, but we ask that they keep them up at all times.

We value Meaningful Connection over Unintentional Time Together. We value the content being taught in the discipleship sessions as well as in the academic tracks. Therefore, students are asked to be on time for all sessions and academic tracks. Not only will this honor the time and energy the speakers spent preparing the content, but this will also allow students to deeply engage with the content being taught.

We value Encouragement over Discouragement. We recognize the power that words hold. Thus, all Summer Institute participants are expected to use their words to encourage others, rather than to put others down.

We value Curious Questions over Assumptions. At the Summer Institute, students will come from a spectrum of different faith traditions. We desire to create an environment where students feel the freedom to ask curious questions instead of making assumptions. Staff members are eager to discuss and answer any questions that students have, and thus will make themselves available to do so!

December 31, 2023: Last day to receive the End of Year Pricing
April 30, 2024: Last day to receive the Early Bird Special pricing
April 30, 2024: Last day to receive a full refund. If a student withdraws by April 30th, they will receive a full refund. Please note that if you withdraw on May 1st, you will only receive a partial refund.
May 10, 2024: Last day to receive a partial refund. If a student withdraws by May 10, they will receive a partial refund. Please note that if you withdraw on May 11th, you will not be eligible for a refund.
June 14, 2024: Last day to register for the 2024 Summer Institute
July 14, 2024: Summer Institute begins! A detailed schedule of events will be sent out closer to the time!

Q. When should I arrive?
Check-in & Move-in will be from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm on Sunday, July 14th. This will be followed by a mandatory orientation for parents and students at 3:30 p.m.
Q. When does the program end?
Check-out will be from 2:30 – 3:30 pm on Saturday, July 20th
Q. Are parents allowed to come?
Parents are welcome to drop off students during check-in time and pick up students during check-out time. The remainder of the program is limited to students, in order to facilitate focused attention on coursework and as close to a Bryan College student experience as possible. Parents are asked to stay for the Orientation Session.
Q. What should I bring?
Bedding (pillow, sheets, and blanket or sleeping bag) for an extra-long twin bed, towels, clothes, shoes for outdoor activities, rain jacket, swimsuit, toiletries, laptop (recommended), Bible, pen and paper, and spending money for snacks or merchandise from the College bookstore.
Q. Can I bring a car?
You may drive here but may not use your car while the Summer Institute is in session. You will be able to park your car in a campus parking lot.
Q. Do I need to buy books for my class?
No, we will provide all of the reading material you will need for your class once you are on campus.
Q. What is your sick policy in relation to receiving the college credit?
The college credit offered through the Summer Institute experience is largely dependent on the experiential learning gained during the week at Summer Institute. Therefore, if a student leaves during Summer Institute (for illness or any other reason) before participating in 19 hours of the experiential learning of their given track, they will be withdrawn and unable to receive college credit. However, if a student has participated in a minimum of 19 hours of their track before leaving Summer Institute, instructors can arrange for them to complete the track and earn credit so long as the remaining learning experiences are accomplished within the timeframes specified by the syllabus.
Q. What are the housing arrangements like?
Students will live in a Bryan College residence hall just like current Bryan students do. A current Bryan College student will serve as a Summer Institute Counselor in each hall, interacting with and assisting students. When you check in, you will be given an access card that will allow you to enter your residence hall during the week, as access is limited to residents and staff.
Q. Do I need to do any homework before the Summer Institute begins?
Please refer to your track-specific information that will be sent out prior to the beginning of the Summer Institute.
Q. What do I do if I have food allergies?
Please notify the Summer Institute Program Coordinator at least one month before the start date.
Q. Will I have Wi-Fi access?
Yes, Wi-Fi will be available for all Summer Institute participants.
Q. Will I interact with Bryan College students?
Current Bryan students will serve as resident assistants in the residence halls and during activities. You will have opportunities to talk with them about their experiences as students at Bryan.
Q. Can I meet with an admissions representative while I’m there?
Yes! Please let the Summer Institute Program Coordinator know if you would like to schedule a meeting.
Q. Can my family take a campus tour?
Yes, a campus tour will take place right after our orientation on Sunday.
Q. Track Accreditation?
All tracks are accredited. A single COL 110 Faith & Learning elective credit is applied to their transcript after completing the Summer Institute. All 1-credit track assignments will be given and completed during the week of residency.
Q. Credit Transfer?
As Bryan College is fully accredited, the only obstacle to transfer would be with the receiving institution. Technically, Bryan has no control over what other schools accept and what they don’t; transfer credit is entirely at the discretion of the receiving institution. History indicates that most classes of this type typically transfer at least as elective credit, but there would be no guarantee that it would fulfill specific major requirements (e.g. in a Criminal Justice major) at another school.
Q. Criminal Justice 3 Credit
Criminal Justice is offering an optional 3 credit track in addition to their 1 credit offering. This option is effectively a CJ dual enrollment class with a single-week residency. Additional assignments and deadlines will apply outside of the residency. Homework and assignments will be the standard amount for online college coursework.
Q. CJ Class expectations
There will be regular readings, video content, and online assignments. It will be several hours of work per week through the duration of the course.
Q. CJ Online Class Schedule
The only in-person meetings will be during the week of the Summer Institute itself on Bryan’s Dayton campus. Otherwise, while the student will have weekly coursework expectations, there won’t be “regularly scheduled” meetings. The course will start on 6/24 and end on 8/16. Students will get access to the course 7 days before the official start date.


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