Bryan College Presents Tim Tebow-Signed Memorabilia to Rhea County Schools


Bryan College Presents Tim Tebow-Signed Memorabilia to Rhea County Schools in Celebration of Luke 14 Event

Bryan College proudly presented a collection of memorabilia signed by renowned athlete and philanthropist Tim Tebow to Rhea County Schools last week. The items, including signed footballs and Bryan College jerseys, were signed by Tim Tebow during the recent Bryan College Service Day, where he spoke to the campus in Chapel and participated in the Luke 14 event.

The presentation took place at Rhea County High School, coinciding with the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Luke 14 event, dedicated to supporting special needs students and educators. As part of the ceremony, attendees were treated to a heartfelt video message from Tim Tebow, expressing profound gratitude to the teachers, buddies, and students for their unwavering dedication and compassion.

Tebow’s message resonated deeply as he highlighted the transformative impact of special needs individuals on his own life, emphasizing the importance of “Loving Well” and fostering a culture of diversity and belonging. His words served as a powerful reminder of the significance of empathy and support for individuals with special needs.

The event underscored Bryan College’s ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of service within the community. Through initiatives like the Bryan College Service Day and Luke 14, Bryan College creates an environment where students not only learn about Jesus but are passionate about their relationship with Him and live this out in their lives and communities.