Bryan Announces The Hobbs Family Scholarship

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The Hobbs Family Scholarship

In December 2022, The Hobbs Family Scholarship was established by Jim and Susan Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs became passionate about education immediately after high school when he joined the Navy. He received his undergraduate degree through local and state colleges and his masters from the University of Michigan.

While Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs never attended Bryan College, they did witness the influence of a Bryan College education in the lives of their nieces and nephews. Many went on to make a difference in today’s world as businessmen and women, missionaries, teachers, accountants, counselors, health trainers, and ministry leaders.

The Hobbs Family Scholarship was born out of a desire to provide a sound, faith-based education for Business and Christian Ministry majors, areas of study that mean so much to the Hobbs Family. It will be a permanently endowed scholarship for Business and Christian Study students who are in financial need and maintain a 3.0-grade point average or greater.