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These Payments Can Be Made Online

Payments Through MyBryan

Log in to the Student Portal (

Find the Student Tab

Go down to Billing


Log in to the Student Portal (

Find the Student Tab

Go down to Billing


Students must add their parents as authorized users on the NelNet Payment Portal.

Parent creates their own user name and password

The parent makes payment at the authorized party portal

Log in to the Student Portal (

Find the Student Tab

Go down to Housing Fee

Note: You can pay over the phone by contacting the business office at 423-775-7281.

Business Office FAQs

When is tuition due?

Residential Students:  Tuition and other fees and charges are due on August 1 for the Fall term, April 18 for the Summer term, and December 15 for the Spring term.

Bryan Online Students:  Prior to the first day of class

Are all fees shown on my billing statement?

While tuition, housing, and most other fees are billed and shown on your billing statement there are several exceptions.  The enrollment fee for new students is paid on the Bryan College website and the housing reservation fee is paid annually on the MyBryan portal. 

How do I pay my Housing Reservation Fee?

  • The housing reservation fee must be paid on MyBryan
  • Access your MyBryan account at and sign in with your password
  • Go to the Student tab
  • Choose Housing Fee on the drop-down list
  • Pay via Electronic Check or credit card (a 2.85% convenience fee will apply to credit card transactions)
  • Housing assignments will not be made until this fee is paid in full.

How do I pay my bill?

Online using credit card or electronic check:

  • Access your MyBryan account at and sign in with your password
  • Go to the Student tab
  • Choose Billing on the drop-down list – this will take you to the secure NelNet Payment portal
  • View your account charges/payment and balance due
  • Use of a credit card will add an additional 2.85% convenience fee
  • Payment by electronic check is free – just use your bank routing number and checking account number

Via regular mail through check or money order:

  • Payments should include student’s name and/or student ID number
  • Mailed payments must be postmarked ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEADLINE and addressed to:

Bryan College Business Office
Mercer Hall Room 201
721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN  37321

In-person at the Business Office on campus

  • Cash payments are accepted ONLY in-person at the Business Office in Mercer Hall Room 201
  • You can also pay in person via check, money order, credit card, or electronic check
  • Use of a credit card will add an additional 2.85% convenience fee

Via telephone using credit card or electronic check

  • Call the Business Office at 423-775-7214
  • Pay via credit card (a 2.85% convenience fee will apply)
  • Pay via electronic check (no additional charge)

Can parents pay a bill online?

Yes. Students can allow parents or other authorized parties access to their account on the NelNet Payment Portal

Step 1 – student adds an authorized user to their account

Step 2 – parent or authorized user creates a username, password, etc.

Once an authorized user is set up bills can be paid at

Other parties/Financial Aid/Scholarships/Loans:

  • Students are responsible to check their MyBryan account to determine if there is sufficient anticipated financial aid to cover all tuition and charges by the payment deadline
  • If your financial aid will not cover your full balance, make sure to pay the difference by the deadline
  • If another party (such as an employer, scholarship, etc.) is paying for your tuition, all paperwork must be submitted before classes begin.

How do I pay for my parking ticket?

  • Parking tickets are added to your student bill and can be paid through MyBryan, in the Business Office, or by mail as described under “How do I pay my bill?”
  • To appeal parking tickets please contact Donna Belisle, Auxiliary Services Manager in Mercer 203

How do I contact the Business Office?

Can I make pay my account balance over time?

  • An interest-free online payment plan is available if you sign up before the payment deadline
  • Go to for complete details
  • Payment plans must be set up before tuition due dates for each term

I have a credit balance on my billing statement – where will my refund check be sent?

  • Refund checks will be put in your campus mailbox or mailed to your student’s address of record.
  • If you move, make sure you change your address! Just email us at
  • Refund checks can also be used to prepay future semesters or pay off student loans, reducing your total loan balance for college. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill by the deadline?

  • Any account that is not paid in full or through an official payment plan will be subject to a 12% finance charge that will be applied monthly to the outstanding balance.
  • A financial hold will be placed on your account and any or all of the following actions may be taken:
    • You will not receive your dorm key to move into the residence halls
    • You won’t be able to register for future courses or change classes
    • You may be de-registered from current courses
    • You won’t be able to attend classes
    • You can’t obtain copies of transcripts
    • You will not receive your diploma
    • You won’t be able to participate in commencement ceremonies
    • You may be suspended from participation in an athletic competition
    • Your meal plan may be suspended
    • Your campus identification may be deactivated, suspending access to various facilities and services
  • Failure to pay may ultimately result in being reported to a credit bureau or turned over to a collection agency.

How can I see my tuition and fee charges and what I owe?

  • Your billing information is available through MyBryan. Just log in, go to the Student tab and choose “Billing” on the drop-down list — you will be directed to the NelNet payment portal
  • Be sure to choose the appropriate term
  • An e-mail reminder will be sent monthly if you have an outstanding balance

What do I do if I don’t see my financial aid on my billing statement?

Contact the Financial Aid Office at 423-775-7573 for questions about Financial Aid.

What is a FERPA release form and do I need to sign one?

  • FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) protects the privacy of student records (both financial and academic)
  • In order for the college staff to discuss student records with a parent such as a student’s bill, outstanding balances, or financial aid information, a release form from the student is required
  • The FERPA release form can be found here.
  • New student? Please make sure you sign the form and provide it to the Business Office or Financial Aid Office as soon as possible after acceptance so your parent or guardian can ask questions directly about your bills and qualification for financial aid.

What is a 1098-T?

  • The 1098-T form contains information to assist a student in filing for education tax benefits and/or credits offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For more information on the tax credits and benefits available visit the IRS website at

When will I receive my 1098-T form?

  • 1098-T forms will be available by January 31st of each year
  • E-mails will be sent in late fall providing an option to receive your 1098-T form online or via US mail

How do I opt in to receive my 1098-T form electronically?

Can I get a copy of my 1098-T for this year or previous years

  • Yes. If you were eligible to receive a 1098-T from a previous year you may obtain a copy online at
  • Click the box to look up your 1098-T tax form
  • Click the box “Want to access your 1098-T or 1098-E tax form?”
  • Sign-in to the portal or register for an ECSI account by creating a profile
  • Click here for instructions on how to create your profile – ECSI – FAQ – Tax Documents
  • Have issues? Call Heartland Customer Service at 1-866-428-1098.

Why is the amount in Box 1 of the 1098-T much less than I paid for college expenses?

  • The IRS classifies qualified tuition and related expenses that go into Box 1 of the form. The following are NOT qualified expenses:
    • Room, board, insurance, medical expenses (including student health fees), parking, transportation and similar personal, living or family expenses.
    • Fees, fines, amounts paid for sports, games or hobbies.
  • The non-qualified expenses mentioned above are subtracted from the amounts paid to the college via direct payments, scholarships, grants or loans; therefore, the amounts shown in Box 1 will exclude housing costs and other non-eligible fees.

Can I cash my work study or personal check on campus?

Yes.  The Business Office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and we can cash your check or provide change.  Just come to Mercer 201 during regular business hours.

I’m a student worker, where do I turn in my time sheet?

  • Turn in your student worker time sheet at the Human Resources Office, Mercer 221 

How do I get a parking permit to park my car?

  • All cars parked on campus for any reason require a parking permit and must be registered with the Student Services Office
  • To register your vehicle sign into MyBryan and go to the Tools Menu.
  • Select Parking Registration and “Add Car” to complete the form to register your vehicle
  • Parking permit fees will be posted to all student accounts at the beginning of a term. If you don’t have a car, see Donna Belisle in Mercer 203 or email to complete a different form and have the fee removed.

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